Important information for campers! How and where is the tent set up?

It is very important to set up and collect tents correctly, which are indispensable for camping logs. If you are going to camp for the first time and do not know about tent setup, this article is for you! So how is the tent set up? How to assemble and fold the tent? Here are all the answers…

Camping is a unique opportunity to get away from the hectic pace of city life for a moment and enjoy nature. Especially with the arrival of summer, you can create camping diaries where you can have pleasant moments in the forest with your friends and loved ones, accompanied by colorful flowers and bird chirping. Before you go camping, of course, you need to know how to set up a tent in order not to have any difficulties in the camping area. The place where the tent will be set up can be challenging if the right steps are not followed to put the pieces together in a practical way. Let’s learn together what you need to know about tent setup, which is indispensable for camps.


Knowing how to set up the tent should be your priority, as well as determining the correct location of the tent. Because the tent set up in the wrong place will cause problems in the future.

In order to set up a tent, you must first make a list of the places you want to camp and check whether these are permitted areas for camping. After determining the allowed areas, we recommend eliminating the indented and protruding areas.

It may cause your sleeping bag to slip at night, which will be installed on sloping floors. For a comfortable sleep, do not add tree roots, stones and prone areas to the list of places to camp.

In addition, considering factors such as rain, snow and hail, you should not set up tents in pitted areas. Areas a few inches above the ground are ideal for pitching tents.

For a comfortable camping area, we recommend that you do not set up tents near streams and lakes. You may experience disturbing moments at night as there are many mosquitoes and insects in areas with high water density.


After determining the area where the tent will be set up, it is time to set up the tent! First of all, you should clean the stone, tree leaves or stones in the place where you want to set up a tent. Then you can prevent moisture by laying linoleum on the floor.

Then continue by combining the parts where the inner tent and outer awning are separate. Fix the tent rods in their places on the parts of the tent closer to the ground.

Then place the ends of the sticks into the nails you will see in the corner of the tent. After these processes, pass the tent poles to see the X shape and stretch it like a spring and allow the shape of your tent to form.

At this stage, where you have completed most of your tent, you need to fix the nail sections to the ground with the help of stakes. After doing the same process in the tent ropes, your tent is ready to set up!

If you wish, if you have extra tent accessories such as raincoats, you can use them to end all these stages.


As well as setting up a tent, you need to know how to collect it correctly. If you do the collection wrong, you may damage your tent. First you have to remove the nails that are driven into the floor. Then remove the poles on the outer roof of the tent. Then continue your process by removing the tent rods on the ground.

That’s it! After assembling your tent, take care to dry the bottom of the tent. By folding your tent, which you will roll into a roll, completely; You can end your camp day.

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